Wildwood | Mahonia

Our Mission

Using nature as a guide to create innovative and sustainable places and products while supporting our communities.
Design Principles
Wildwood | Mahonia is committed to the following principles:
  • To maximize energy performance
  • To promote innovative construction methods and green technologies
  • To support the use of local, recycled and renewable materials
  • To eliminate toxic chemicals in order to improve the air quality of the outdoor and indoor environments
  • To showcase regional and sustainable architecture
  • To celebrate and support the local community
Walk the path in our Woodscape Glen residential community, passing townhomes nestled in a peaceful setting of towering Oregon white oaks and Douglas firs saved by careful planning and design; wander along our first bioswale, teeming with wildlife for 40 years; amble between the community garden and native plant garden on your way to our AIA award-winning office, a renovated schoolhouse begun over a century ago and now adorned with a 45kw solar panel hat. A few miles away you’ll find young, growing businesses that we helped incubate in an industrial building that uses the sun to make hot water and electricity to produce food and beverages from produce grown on Oregon farms. Visit our Mahonia Vineyard and Mahonia Nursery (both solar powered) producing sustainable wines and native plants using low-carbon biodiesel produced nearby at Oregon’s largest biodiesel plant that we helped establish 15 years ago. If you’re driving a diesel vehicle in the Northwest, odds are that part of your fuel comes from this plant and is made from used cooking oil from Oregon businesses such as Burgerville and Kettle Foods. Thanks for exploring our path!
Children and the Environment
Children are a special passion at Wildwood | Mahonia. As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and more, we see the future through the eyes of our youth. Our connections with schools, environmental efforts for kids, children’s art and literature programs, parks and programs for disadvantaged youth allow us to experience the joy of helping people. For example, our sponsorship of the Honoring Our Rivers Anthology engages over 1,000 Oregon students in improving their literacy and artistic skills while learning about the magic of Oregon’s watersheds. Partnering with effective organizations like, SOLVE and the Willamette Partnership leverages our efforts through connections with educators, volunteers and restoration experts.

Our definition of profit includes supporting Oregon communities and we do just that. Around Oregon you will find donated Mahonia wines at fundraisers, rescued native white oaks in parks, schools and historic sites, and our staff members on boards and commissions. A short list of organizations that we support financially includes: SOLVE, Willamette Partnership, Oregon Sustainability Board, Outdoor Schools, NW Wine Studies Center, schools from early childhood to graduate levels, SEDCOR, Sustainable NW, Audubon Society, Oregon Environmental Council, Freshwater Trust, The Wetlands Conservancy, Caldera, Beyond Toxics, OPB, Stanford research, Undergrowth Print Education Fund, UW Foundation/College of Environment, Wallowa Resources, and Wild Salmon Center.

“Our definition of profit includes community and

environmental benefits.”


Our single-family and multi-family communities are designed to celebrate natural settings, unique designs and quality craftsmanship.
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Our commercial and industrial projects are located in Salem and Portland markets and include a range of uses including retail, grocery, creative office, specialty food and beverage production and Oregon’s largest biodiesel producer.
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Our sustainably operated nursery & vineyard is Salmon Safe certified, generates solar power, uses locally produced biodiesel.